mtime application

The Problem

Today's business environment is mostly characterized by increased cost pressures, efficiency requirements and urgency to deliver products faster. Despite limited budgets and shortened deadlines companies must continue to deliver high-quality projects on time and budgets.

How can we optimize costs and manage projects more effectively?

How can we get instant visibility into project critical metrics?

How can we track down ineffective resource utilization and cost eaters?


The Solution

The biggest hole costs is not employees wages or daily rates of the consultants, but an ineffective time and resource utilization. Controlling and reporting are the foundations for the effective functioning of any company.

However, an effective control of the processes and projects is not so easy achieved as it requires enhanced data availability and full transparency. With this requirement in mind we take on a mission to create a new-generation project management solution which subsequently became mtime.

mtime is a flagship product of net solutions that allows companies to streamline project management, optimize resource utilization and precisely account for costs and revenue across projects and workforce.

Being a web-native software mtime fits the needs of every industry and can be used regardless of geographic location, operational system or company's IT environment.

Extremely user friendly and customizable interface provides benefits for everyone across entire organization - with mtime your project managers will have an extensive insight into all your projects and resources from anywhere in the world while your knowledge workers focus on those activities that make them effective, innovative, and competitive.

mtime effectively automates task assignment, resource allocation and milestone tracking for all phases of a project providing an instant visibility into critical financial and operational metrics, making your organization more efficient.


Key Features of mtime

Acceptance and effectiveness

With a help of intuitive and fast interface mtime provides platform for end-users from any business area with easy understandable personal adjustments.

Modularity and high integration capability

Open and modular architecture allows integrating mtime with other existing software for communication and advanced data exchange.


mtime is entirely web-based and can be used regardless of your geographical location, operating system or browser, making it the ideal choice for organizations with single or mixed IT. The data can be accessed anytime and anywhere just right on your web browser


With an instant visibility on actual employee time, resource utilization and interactive reporting your project managers will optimize project planning, workforce planning, time and expense tracking, cost and revenue accounting, project process management and analytics.


mtime provides managers and executives with unparalleled visibility into project work-flow and resource utilization. With mtime you will forget about problems such as missed schedules, ineffective resource utilization, no idea where time is spent, or lack of accountability.


Your Advantage

As a project manager you get an instant visibility of your project, once inefficient time or resource utilization allocated you intervene immediately. Time-and cost eaters will not go overlooked. No missed expectations, lack of accountability or ineffective resource utilization.

With mtime you streamline your project management, optimize resource utilization and precisely account for costs and revenue across your projects and workforce.

Your time is valuable! Your team works hard to successfully compete. mtime ensures that you always keep pulse on your project!

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